Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


Todd Malone

Life in a fallen world will inevitably include grief, fear, and doubt. Easter is God overcoming all of those, once and for all. We will experience that victory completely in heaven, but we get to experience it in part now. The Holy Spirit works in us to remove the wrong thinking and desires, the past wounds, and our insecurities that can cause grief, fear, and doubt to paralyze us. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue and even accelerate that work.


This week’s reading will take you through the first half of Genesis. Pay attention to how God begins to form a people He will use to reach the entire world. You will especially see this with the story of Abraham. What promises does God make to Abraham? How will the nation that comes from Abraham bless the world?


How to pray for FBC

It is pretty common for us to start the year behind budget financially. Giving tends to be low after the holidays. That is the case this year. If anything, we are further behind than normal. Please continue to pray for FBC’s finances. Pray for wisdom so the resources God gives are used for His glory.

How to pray for our Community

A lot of people pause for a moment to think about God on Easter. They wander into churches they haven’t been in for months. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to stir the hearts of people who dropped into area churches this past Sunday. May they continue to think about and pursue the Lord.

How to pray for our World

Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka was marred by terrorism. Suicide bombers attacked resorts and churches, killing hundreds. I am praying for justice – that those who masterminded this attack would be caught and punished. I am also praying for the families of the victims. Finally, I am praying for the churches to show God’s character as they rebuild lives and ministries.