Mid-Week Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone

Sermon Reflection

Psalm 1 is an amazing introduction to the Book of Psalms. I love that the first word in the book is “blessed.” It sets the tone. Despite the many psalms written when people are in crisis or struggling to understand God’s goodness, the Psalms remind us that we are blessed. My problem is that I often misunderstand blessing. I think blessing in terms defined by our culture: a comfortable life with no problems. I’m well-cared for financially, relationally, and physically. But the truly blessed life is the life lived in communion with God. A life with God allows me to walk through any circumstance a fallen world throws at me. I am blessed because I have a life with God.


FBC Family BBQ!

A Couple of Things to Note From Pastor Adam:

REGARDING SEATING ON SUNDAY — Please bring a picnic blanket or quilt or something to eat on – if you don’t mind eating on a picnic blanket. Seating could be a bit limited – Think of it like Shivers! Just lay out a picnic blanket for your whole family on the grass and eat up! — Kudos to Ashley McMahen for the great idea!

IF IT IS RAINING … If it is raining, or has rained, or looks like rain … come on to the BBQ we will still eat lots of meat and fixings. If it is raining we will move the food and seating inside for the meal. So the BBQ will happen, RAIN OR SHINE, or anything in between.

ON SUNDAY MORNING —  you can drop your sides off in the gym on your way to Life Group or the Worship Service. We will have folks there to receive them from you.


Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Sunday’s BBQ should be a blast. I am looking forward to some great food. But mostly, I am looking forward to great fellowship. The “Connect” part of Worship, Grow, Connect, Go is about fostering Christ-centered relationships within the Body of Christ. Creating opportunities like this BBQ is a part of that emphasis. Please pray that people have a good time with one another. Pray that those who are just getting to know FBC will get to know some people better and feel more at home. Oh, and pray that it doesn’t rain.

How to pray for our Community

I have heard two different stories this week about how La Familia de Dios is impacting Longview for Christ. La Familia is a small, Spanish-speaking church that FBC has partnered with and supported for years. They are reaching a part of the community that we can’t. I was thrilled to find out that someone that Gary Lewis and I have spent years praying for visited La Familia last Sunday. She is not a believer, but she visited and loved it. Let’s continue to support La Familia by remembering them in your prayers. Pray for their pastor, Rolondo, who works incredibly hard to shepherd his church and reach the lost. Pray for Christ to work through them to impact the growing Hispanic community in East Texas.

How to pray for our World

Ruth King is right now ministering in Pakistan. God is doing amazing things through this ministry. People are coming to Christ, others are being freed from slavery. Lives are being changed. Please pray for Ruth’s safety. Pray that the Lord will continue to work through this ministry. Pray for effective follow-up on those who come to Christ.