Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


Last Sunday Adam took us through the rest of Jesus’ prayer in John 17. As Adam pointed out, unity between believers is a central theme in His prayer. It got me thinking about how important unity is (or is not) to me. Too often we can think of unity as agreeing with one another. It’s easy to say, “I value unity; it’s just that this other person is wrong. As soon as they see I’m right, we will be unified.” That’s not unity – it’s uniformity. It’s wanting everyone to be the same. You can tell your commitment to unity by your willingness to dialogue about disagreements, be okay if someone doesn’t think like you, and still want to grow the relationship. Granted, there are times to separate ourselves from others, but they might not be as frequent as we think. Insisting on getting our own way is likely not one of those times. I’m trying to catch myself. What do I think is the basis of unity? Is it people thinking just like me or is it what Jesus prayed in chapter 17: our relationship with the Lord. Will I fight as fiercely for unity as I will for being right?


How to pray for FBC

Please pray for the Family Easter Celebration taking place this weekend. Each year we have people participate who do not know the Lord. Please pray that is the case this year. Pray that they will come to know the Lord.

How to pray for our Community

I received word that New City church, which meets at The Silver Grizzly downtown, has asked it’s congregation to pray for FBC this week. They are targeting different churches in the area every week and praying for them. This is our week.  

Some of you might know that we partner with New City on several projects. We are close to their leadership. Let’s return the favor and pray for them. Let’s pray that God will bless their ministry and give them a wonderful Easter.

How to pray for our World

I was saddened to hear about the churches in Louisiana that were destroyed by arson. These were historically black churches. It sounds like racism was the motivation.

I do not know what it feels like to have someone I have never met look at me with complete contempt. How much do you despise someone to destroy something so central to their life? It’s not just the loss of the facilities they must feel. It is also the pain of knowing they are so little regarded. That is not right. These are people created in God’s image. People for whom Jesus died. They are our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. Please pray for their restoration and healing. Pray that Easter is a time of celebration of new life for these churches.