Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


This past Sunday’s passage caused me to evaluate what I expect from the Christian life. Jesus warned that the Christian life brings opposition. We are different from the world. There are things that we value that the world thinks is worthless, and vice versa. I prefer to have a conflict-free life. But if I assume that is the goal of the Christian life, I will be disappointed.


How to pray for FBC

Pray for our Life Group leaders this week. Our Sunday morning Life Groups are designed to foster Christ-like thinking and living. In other words, they are designed to teach us something. It might be lessons on an important Christian discipline, like studying the Bible. It might be a class on practical Christian living, such as parenting. Or it might be a class on how to think Christianly, such as a class on theology. The leaders work hard to prepare the material. Pray for the leaders to prepare well. Pray also that the people in the classes will grow in their Christ-like thinking and living

How to pray for our Community 

We have a number of FBCers who work with at-risk children in the Longview area. Some are teachers or school administrators, some work through local government agencies, others are volunteering at the school. Longview has a lot of children who live in deep poverty. Pray for our community’s effectiveness at providing for these children. If you want to volunteer, call Steve Vance at the church. You can also look for him on Sunday mornings. He spends a lot of quality time at the Missions/Outreach Desk in the Lobby.

How to Pray for Our World

I mentioned the Michael Cohen hearings in last Sunday’s message. I didn’t take an opinion on them in the message – honestly, I didn’t watch enough of the testimony to have one. But I am grieved by the level of discord in our government. I am going to take some time this week to pray for greater peace and unity. That will be a miracle, but I’m comfortable praying for miracles.