Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


After Sunday’s sermon, two women in the congregation looked at each other and said, “I think this means we can’t mess things up.” That is exactly right. Of course, what we do still matters. Our words and actions still cause hurt or they will heal, they will help or hinder someone’s growth toward Jesus. Our words, actions, and even thoughts are profoundly powerful and we must bring them in line with Jesus. But we are not more powerful than Jesus. That was Jesus’ point in John 16:33. Nothing in creation is more powerful than Jesus. He will accomplish what He wants to accomplish. Our sinfulness will still hurt people, but we are not able to overthrow Jesus’ purposes. That truth frees me to act when I am unsure of the best next step. I do my best to honor Jesus. He will see that His purposes are fulfilled in the long-run.


How to pray for FBC

I had the privilege to speak to some of our Children’s workers this week. They are an amazing team of volunteers. Most people who come to Christ do so during the years they are in Children’s Ministry. It is a vital part of our church. Please pray for the Lord to be seen through these faithful men and women. I am asking that we will continue to see children come to know Jesus through this ministry.

How to pray for our Community 

I read that Longview’s unemployment rate is dropping. It is a good thing to pray that our community prospers. The Lord told the Jews in captivity to seek the welfare of the city where they had settled, even though it was a foreign city. I am praying that Longview does well financially and that this creates opportunities for ministry.

How to pray for our World

We heard from FBC missionaries this Sunday who work in a place where there are only eight Christians on an island with 50,000 people. For safety’s sake, I am going to leave them and their location unnamed. Pray for this couple to build relationships and have opportunities to share the gospel.

This Saturday!
A Very Special Opportunity! Meet the Josephs!

The Joseph family will be in town! Come and hear about the Joseph’s ministry in Haiti.
Saturday, March 30
, at 3:30 PM, in Room 201 of the Church Offices Building. (Old Auditorium)
They will be here sharing with us about their challenges and how you can be a part of the ministry God has called them to. Read a little more about them below …

We are Jean and Jean Marie Joseph. We were both born and raised in Haiti until we were 14 and 10 respectively. We are missionaries with Children’s Relief International (CRI). CRI is a mission agency that works with national leaders who want to do ministry in their own countries. We serve in Miragoane, Haiti where we minister to vulnerable children, teach and equip pastor & church leaders, build Green Door homes to the poorest of the poor, and empower women to care for their families with dignity.

Please pray for travel mercies while stateside, safety and protection while in Haiti, peace and stability for Haiti, wisdom to lead the ministries according to God’s will, and financial provision to expand the ministries. Future Ministries include the Babies ministry, the Church Planting ministry, and the Pastors Association.