Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


Jesus promised that the disciples’ grief and confusion would turn into joy.  As Slade pointed out, it is a joy grounded in seeing Jesus. For the disciples, seeing Jesus would mean physically seeing Him again between the resurrection and ascension. Although we do not physically see Jesus, we still see Him. We see Him at work through the Body of Christ (one another). We encounter Him through His Word. Seeing Jesus means seeing His character at work in us and around us. I am praying that I will see Jesus better every day.


How to pray for FBC

Pray that we would be a people characterized by joy. Pray that people who do not know Jesus will be so captivated by our joy that they want to know why we have it.

How to pray for our Community and our World

Someone I know in town plopped down at the table where I was eating lunch the other day, and she started to cry. Ann and I and the family have known her for a long time, so it wasn’t as strange as it sounds. She is going through a hard time, she doesn’t go to church anywhere, and needed someone to talk to. I’m the closest thing she has to a pastor. My lunch was a reminder of the deep sorrow and confusion that affects so many lives, especially those without Jesus. Pray for the hearts of Christians to be stirred by the sorrow and confusion in the world. Pray that we would be moved enough to enter the hurting lives of the people around us.

A Very Special Opportunity! Meet the Josephs!

The Joseph family will be in town! Come and hear about the Joseph’s ministry in Haiti.
Saturday, March 30
, at 3:30 PM, in Room 201 of the Church Offices Building. (Old Auditorium)
They will be here sharing with us about their challenges and how you can be a part of the ministry God has called them to. Read a little more about them below …

We are Jean and Jean Marie Joseph. We were both born and raised in Haiti until we were 14 and 10 respectively. We are missionaries with Children’s Relief International (CRI). CRI is a mission agency that works with national leaders who want to do ministry in their own countries. We serve in Miragoane, Haiti where we minister to vulnerable children, teach and equip pastor & church leaders, build Green Door homes to the poorest of the poor, and empower women to care for their families with dignity.

Please pray for travel mercies while stateside, safety and protection while in Haiti, peace and stability for Haiti, wisdom to lead the ministries according to God’s will, and financial provision to expand the ministries. Future Ministries include the Babies ministry, the Church Planting ministry, and the Pastors Association.