Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


Relaxed time over a meal can be a powerful way to get to know someone.  Some of my best relationships were started during lunches grabbed in the middle of a busy work day. The key was that we didn’t have half the office with us: just two or three of us, attacking Mexican food, talking about our families, our experiences growing up, our hopes for our future. All the better if you are doing that with neighbors, where you have more than a few minutes.

 That is the idea behind the application suggestion to get a meal with someone this month. Especially, get a meal with someone who is not a Christian. Begin connecting at the level of hopes, experiences, family challenges: the marrow of life stuff. The Holy Spirit is transforming your life. Let the people around you see it.


How to pray for FBC

Take a moment and pray for our Worship Teams. This includes the musicians and vocalists, the people running the sound, the crew who run the lights and projectors, and the people who handle the camera and computer that allows us to stream the service online. Worship Team members constantly battle the temptation to make worship more about them than the Lord (preachers face the same battle). They can be consumed with things looking and sounding exactly right. Pray for their hearts to be focused on helping us encounter the Lord. It’s not about a perfect sound or perfect look. It’s about helping us meet the Lord who has drawn us together. 

How to pray for our Community 

February is Black History Month. I have a number of friends and acquaintances who attend predominately black churches in Longview. The Lord is doing great work through so many of these churches to impact lives throughout Longview. I am taking time today to pray for the Lord to continue working through these churches. I am also praying for greater unity between these churches and the predominately white churches in Longview.

How to Pray for Our World

I want to spotlight one particular ministry that has several FBC connections. Sunshine Gospel Ministries works primarily with the African-American community in South Chicago. We sent a team to work with them several years ago. FBCer Jim Vance was a part of their ministry while he lived in Chicago. I have known their Executive Director, Joel Hammernick, since we were eight years old. This ministry is bringing people out of poverty, providing needed job and life skills, and sharing Jesus with them. Pray for their ongoing impact in that community. You can find out more about them on their website: http://www.sunshinegospel.org/.