Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in WOW. Many people put a lot of work into the various events, hosting missionaries, preparing meals, setting up and tearing down and showing up to support the missionaries. This was a special weekend for the church.


Ask any of our missionaries if they need more support, and the answer will be yes. They need prayer support and they need financial support. Consider adding one more missionary to the list of those you support. Supporting them financially would be a blessing, but it is not the only way they need support. Consider signing up to receive one more prayer letter this year. This will allow you to see more of how God is at work around the world. The missionary will be thrilled to have one more person or family lifting them before the Lord.


How to pray for FBC

Our Missions Committee regularly contacts our missionaries to check on their well-being, gather updates, and show support. They make hard decisions about how to allocate our Missions budget. Please pray for wisdom for their decisions and endurance in supporting our missionaries.

How to pray for our Community 

Steve Vance is working on the 21:5 projects, which will start after Easter. The goal of the 21:5 projects is to minister to East Texas in many of the same ways our missionaries minister in their assigned areas. Steve is contacting local organizations and ministries who might need our help. Pray that the organizations respond in a timely manner. Pray that God’s love is demonstrated and the gospel shared with local people in need.  

How to Pray for Our World

Sunday’s speakers challenged us to pray for those to whom our missionaries minister. We heard about the plight of African workers who fled their homes because of violence. They are hiding in the bush, living off of whatever they can find to eat. These native language speakers are vital to the translation work in the area. They are faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who live in brutal conditions. Let’s pray for these workers in Africa. If one of our missionaries especially impacted you, pray for the people with whom he or she works.