Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


God constantly makes His people wait. Almost every major biblical character went through some period when he or she had to wait for God to fulfill a promise. Usually something happens during the period of waiting to prepare the person to receive the promise. Abraham was promised a land and a nation. He waited 25 years for his son’s birth. During that time God cared for and protected Abraham through multiple challenges. By the time Isaac came along, Abraham had a deeper understanding that God’s promises depend on God, not him. I struggle with waiting because I think things are up to me. I need to get busy doing something to bring about the abundant life God promised. But it’s not something I create, it is a gift from God that comes from living with Him.


How to pray for FBC

Legacy Closet is a ministry that is located on our FBC grounds. Through donations, Legacy Closet is able to provide clothes and other essentials for foster families. It helps 20-40 kids a week. Legacy Closet also provides Christmas gifts to foster kids and their families through part of their ministry called Christmas for the Least of These. (This year they are providing gifts for 750 kids!).

Legacy Closet needs donations and volunteers. Please pray for the Lord to provide both. If you think the Lord is urging you to get involved, follow this link to more information on Facebook.


How to pray for our Community and our World

Songs about Christ are everywhere in our culture this time of year. Sadly, most people think of the songs as more about the season than the Savior. I am praying that the message of a Savior will slip past guarded ears into many heart this year.