Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Todd Malone

I keep coming back to the word “contentment.” I need to increasingly experience the contentment that comes from knowing that I am cared for by a loving, unfailing God. Contentment is required if I am going to spend less on Christmas gifts and activities, so I can spend more on those in need. I am asking myself what I think I need to be content. It’s not just one thing, because contentment (or the lack of it) is not limited to one area of my life. I can find ways to be discontent in many areas of life. My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to reveal to me where I am dependent on treasure I’ve stored on earth to be content. Then, I am asking Him to replace that earthly treasure with treasure in Heaven.




How to Pray for FBC

We still need to raise more money to be able to provide Christmas gifts for the children at South Ward. Please pray for the rest of the funds to come in. 


How to Pray for our Community

For Advent, FBC is supporting five local organizations that care for women with crisis pregnancies and children and families involved in foster care and adoption. Pray that each of these organizations will be blessed with the manpower and financial support they need. 

  • Beds of Hope
  • Christmas for the Least of These
  • Hannah House Maternity Home
  • Legacy Closet
  • Weighted Blanket Sewing Ministry


How to Pray for our World

Hopefully, FBC missionaries will soon receive the Christmas gifts and letters we sent to them. Pray for our missionaries to be encouraged this Christmas. Pray for them to be reminded that they are following the example of the first Christmas by bringing light into darkness.