Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


The Lord used my study of John the Baptist to convict me of how often I want the focus on me, not Jesus. It comes out when I say things like, “I need to be Jesus for them.” No, Jesus needs to be Jesus for them, and He will. My job is to point people to Jesus. Christmas Day provides opportunities to point our families to Jesus. I’ve been brainstorming: Maybe a prayer of thanksgiving after opening presents would point to Jesus as the ultimate source for our gifts. Maybe attending the Christmas Eve service will set the focus for Christmas Day. Maybe explaining to the family the meaning behind the Christmas tree, garland, candles and other decorations will help them remember Jesus each time they see decorations. Maybe reading the Christmas story that morning will focus the family on the greatest gift we have ever received. I don’t want the family to say “thank you for the presents,” but miss Jesus.  


How to pray for FBC

Pray for the Christmas Eve service. Several people are working hard to get ready. Pray for their preparations. Pray that the service will be a precious time of worship and will set our focus for Christmas Day. 

How to pray for our Community and our World

Pray for South Ward Elementary. Thank you for everyone who donated food for the school’s pantry. The pantry was filled to overflowing. The presents for the students and teachers will be delivered this week. Pray that the presents are a blessing and show God’s love in a tangible way. The goal is not for people to say that FBC is a great church, but for people to experience God’s love. 

How to pray for our World

In line with Sunday’s sermon, let’s pray that people will see past the acts of kindness and charity this Christmas to the true Savior.