Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone

Sermon Reflection

The third week of Advent celebrates the Joy that comes only through Jesus. In John 15 Jesus offers His joy to the disciples in order to make their joy full or complete. Receiving the joy that Jesus offers involves living the life Jesus called us to live. It is the common theme that runs through Jesus’ offer of peace (John 14) and Jesus’ offer of joy (John 15). We cannot escape it.

But the sin in me runs so deep. I shock myself with my thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions. I wonder how I will ever experience the promised peace and joy. I lean on God’s grace – He builds peace and joy into me as I struggle but grow. And I repent a lot. I acknowledge my sin as evil and ask for strength to live righteously. That is the path to a life of peace and joy.

Prayer Prompts

How to Pray for FBC & Our Community

This week we deliver the Christmas gifts gathered for South Ward Elementary school. For many South Ward students, the gifts provided by FBC are the only gifts they receive. Our goal is never to get people to think that we are wonderful for providing these gifts. We want each child to know they are important – that is how God sees them. Please pray that the children experience God’s love through the gifts. Pray that the Holy Spirit uses these gifts to point them toward Jesus.


How to Pray for Our World

We will sing “Joy to the World” often over the next several days. Let’s make that a prayer. Let’s pray that every heart would receive the King.