Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


We must always view our relationship with God through the lens of His faithfulness. I wrote that sentence a lot while preparing the sermon. I wrote it for myself as a reminder. I get so focused on the details of my week that I can start to lose track that God is caring for me, protecting me and providing even in my busyness. 


How to pray for FBC

This Sunday is Orphan Sunday. FBC’s Legacy ministry is dedicated to caring for children and families involved with foster care and adoption. This is challenging work. Please pray for emotional strength and wisdom for these families and children. 

How to Pray for Our Community and our World

We wake up to a new political reality (more or less), but not a new spiritual reality. I’m spending some time repenting this morning. The Lord has convicted me of how much I tend to trust in government instead of the Lord. It wouldn’t matter if the elections gave us the best case or worst case scenario, I still look to the Lord for my hope, protection, and guidance. I wonder if I lost sight of that a bit. Let’s pray for God’s guidance for our leaders. But let’s also pray that we will not mis-place our confidence. God’s faithfulness never comes down to election results, whether we like the results or not.