Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone



Todd Malone

Paul challenged the Ephesians to take off the old self and put on the new self. This is not just about stopping one behavior and starting another. It is also about what we think is true about God, ourselves, and our world. It is about what we value as important.


Let me make a strong suggestion. Rewrite each week’s passage in your own words. It is not a pointless exercise. If you adopt a practice like that and keep at it, over time you will find that your thinking is shaped more by Scripture. Your values will look more like the Lord’s. The Holy Spirit will use this practice to impact every area of your life.




How to pray for FBC

FBC’s Leadership Weekend is this coming weekend. We gather the Trustees (incoming and outgoing) and the staff to discuss plans for the church. Pray that it is a fruitful weekend.


How to pray for our Community

The Hiway 80 Rescue Mission is looking for a new Executive Director. The person hired will lead both the Longview and Tyler missions. Let’s pray for their board to find the right person to oversee this important ministry.


 How to pray for our World

We prayed last Sunday for the international persecuted church. Let’s continue to pray for Christians who suffer in hostile countries because of their faith. Pray for their strength and endurance. Pray that they will know Christ better through their persecution.

To learn more about how to pray for and support the persecuted church, visit The Voice of the Martyrs at https://www.persecution.com/.