Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


The more we know the Lord, the more we will fall in love with Him. The more we fall in love with Him, the more we want to be like Him. The more we know the Lord, the greater our confidence in His plan for us. The more we know the Lord, the less appealing the idols around us. I believe this is the heart of Micah’s message. It is why I want to know the Lord a little better every day.


I don’t know anyone who enjoys waiting. Ann waited on hold for 30 minutes yesterday during a call to an insurance company – she wasn’t happy. I always try to guess which lane at a red light is going to start the fastest. I do the same thing in the grocery store. There seem to be better things to do with my time than wait.

 Waiting is hard. It seems like a waste. Yet the Lord constantly uses waiting as a key ingredient in growing His people. Advent is largely about waiting. God’s people waited for the coming of the Messiah. God’s people wait again for His return. But our waiting is not passive and it is not pointless. It is not a waste. The Lord uses our waiting. That is the theme we will explore this Advent. We will look at how the Lord used waiting as His people anticipated the Messiah and how He uses waiting today.


Our FBC family has appreciated our annual FBC Christmas Brunch for many years. I love that our church values and connects well over food and informal gathering. That’s something we want to do more of and include more people in! So, then, why no Christmas Brunch? Well, this particular connection event has seen consistently lower attendance every year for the last few years, despite the extra effort that the church volunteers and staff have put into it.
So, at the end of last year, we decided to re-evaluate our FBC Connection Events to give the church the opportunity to connect throughout the year at strategic times rather than just at Easter and Christmas. With that in mind, we added more events: (1) The Fellowship Family Barbecue in April, (2) The Mother’s Day Connection, and (3) The Baptism Celebrations. We’ve also sought to keep the events we could and even improve them. So, this year we had a great Easter Breakfast. Plus, our Christmas Cookie (with finger foods!) Extravaganza on December 15 promises to be the best one we’ve ever had.
In light of wanting to do more throughout the year, the declining attendance of the Christmas Brunch, and the hectic and busy season of the holidays, we decided not to add to the busy season and instead let people connect throughout the year.
Thank you for understanding and for connecting with us. We have some incredible events coming up in 2019!
Pastor Adam McMahen


How to pray for FBC

The Children’s Ministry is working hard on the Christmas Program. The program is always terrific. Please pray that it is fun for the kids and impactful on all who are involved and all who attend.

How to pray for our Community

Of course, Christmas is a time when even those who don’t usually come to church will show up. Let’s pray that the Lord draws many people to area churches this year. Pray for effectiveness in the churches throughout East Texas this Christmas season. Churches are not in competition with one another. We all serve the Lord and His purposes. 

How to pray for our World

This is a great time to pray for peace on earth.