Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Todd Malone

Although last Sunday’s message focused on Christmas, it was also appropriate for Thanksgiving week. The unstated but clear assumption behind Psalm 145 is that God’s goodness and greatness were at work in David’s life. They were at work in ways that David could see and talk about. God’s goodness and greatness are at work in our lives as well. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on how God is at work in our lives and to express our gratitude. 


    How to Pray for FBC

    Don’t forget the Greg Hager concert coming up this Sunday night. Greg will share the Christmas story in song. Please pray that this is a sweet time of worship and a nice start to the Christmas season. 

    Let’s also pray for the South Ward project to be completed with adequate funds to provide presents for the kids at South Ward elementary. And pray for the Advent Conspiracy projects to receive the support they need.


    How to pray for our Community and our World

    There is a lot we can complain about in our community, country, and world. It is obvious that we are fallen, broken people living in a fallen, broken world. But if we see only what is wrong, we miss how God is blessing us. Take a few minutes to think about how God has blessed you by placing you in this community and country. Spend time thanking God for those blessings.