Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


This will be a focused Mid-Week Moment. We need to pray.

Prayer Concerns

Anna Korth

When I first wrote this week’s letter, it was focused on praying for the Korth and Dugger families. Anna Korth, David and Diane’s fifteen-year-old daughter, was missing. Many people gathered to pray for her safe return. That safe return happened Wednesday night. Anna is healthy and unharmed. She was on her own – no foul play. Now we have a different way to pray. Join me in praying for the Korths as they work through a broad range of emotions. Pray for Anna as she works through her pain. Certainly, we must thank God for protecting Anna.

We must remember the gospel. The gospel starts with our brokenness. We are fallen, sinful creatures – all of us. Our ugliness is uglier than we dare admit to others, even ourselves. Ironically, we don’t fully know how ugly we are because only God sees the depth of our sin. But the gospel continues. God sees all the ugliness, and He loves us. He loves us to the point of sending Jesus to die for us to bring us into His family. His grace and love are greater than we understand.

Occasionally the sin we still battle bubbles up in ways that shock us. We can’t understand why we did what we did. We can’t understand why someone else did what they did. It is tempting to judge or accuse or look down on others. The better response is God’s response to us: to love and pursue and show extreme grace. Yes, each of us needs God’s righteousness. God has a way of providing that without our harsh words. Every member of the Korth family needs to experience God’s grace in powerful, tangible ways. Pray they receive it from their church family. Be a part of giving it.


The Dugger Family

Richard Dugger died unexpectedly this week. He had been battling cancer, but no one expected the battle to end this soon. Please pray for Richard’s wife, Evelyn, and daughters, Julie and Marlena.