Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


I suggested one way to apply the message is to identify the voices in our culture that distract you from listening to the Lord’s voice. It is an interesting exercise to go through the day trying to pay attention to those distractions. Today I noticed how certain ads shape me. I was also made aware, once again, how powerful a person’s opinion can be. If I’m not careful, I can start catering my values and priorities around what someone thinks instead of what God thinks. As Micah showed us, this only leads to futility. 


How to pray for FBC

I had a fantastic time at the AWANA Grand Prix last Sunday. Pray for our AWANA workers as they teach our children God’s Word. Pray that they children involved would get to know the Lord better. 

How to pray for our Community

This summer we prayed for the homeless in our community who were battling the heat. I was reminded of that today as the temperatures took a dive. They need our prayers in this weather as well. Pray for God’s protection. Pray that they will find the help they need. Mostly, pray that they find the Lord.

How to pray for our World

The news that the town of Paradise, CA was destroyed by wildfire had special significance to me. I had relatives there and traveled there about twice a year. I have a lot of memories of Paradise. My relatives are long gone and I haven’t been there in years. Still, I am drawn to pray for the people who are experiencing so much loss.