Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone

Trustee Board Feedback Forms

This is the week to return your board candidate feedback forms. Please return those to us no later than Sunday.

Sermon Reflection

One way that churches can undermine the gospel is by denying a difference between a Christian and an atheist, especially when it comes to obeying what God calls us to do. The gospel starts with the premise that we are spiritually dead and God’s enemies without Christ. A non-Christian is not capable of pleasing God without the work of Christ for him and the work of the Holy Spirit in him. Pleasing God is not just about what we do or do not do. Pleasing God requires God-centered motives, a desire to glorify and serve Him more than anyone else. The combination of right behavior and right motives is a work of the Holy Spirit.


Yet so many sermons would lead you to believe that God calls you to nothing more than what any atheist can accomplish. If an atheist can walk out of a church every Sunday thinking, “I can do this,” the church is ignoring one of the critical points of the gospel. Coming to Christ involves the “a-ha” moment of, “I can’t do this on my own – I need God’s help.” Living the Christian life regularly sends us back to those moments. When our motives are so twisted and sins seem unbeatable, we pray for the Holy Spirit to accomplish in us what we cannot do on our own. Churches should regularly confront us with our need for God to work in us, so we can be the people He wants us to be.

Prayer Prompts

How to Pray for FBC

We are transitioning to a new slate of board members in the weeks ahead. Please pray for the transition to go well and that the board will lead wisely in 2021.


How to Pray for Our Community

The Longview News Journal reported a substantial increase in Gregg County Covid cases. Kilgore High School transitioned to virtual classes through the end of this week due to staff absences. Although the article did not specify whether or not all the absences were Covid-related, it is a reminder of the chaos that Covid continues to inflict. Let’s continue to pray for the Lord to protect our community from a significant resurgence in virus cases.


How to Pray for Our World

Today (Wednesday) is Veterans Day. Several family members and friends of mine are veterans. I stopped writing for a few minutes to pray for each one who came to mind. Take a few minutes to do the same for the veterans in your life.