Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone



Todd Malone

I loved Slade’s challenge to develop a three-minute testimony. I followed the guide he provided and wrote mine.


Minute 1 – What life was like before coming to Christ:

Since I came to Christ at a young age in a Christian home, life before Christ involved going to church on Sundays, doing church things, and trying to be good. I did not have any understanding that I could have a personal relationship with God or that I was rebellious against God.


Minute 2 – What made you choose to follow Christ:

For me, it was a message on a Sunday morning where it was explained that I was separated from God by my sin, and Jesus died on the cross, so my sins could be forgiven. That made it possible for me to be in relationship with God. My mom went over it with me again that night. I remember a clear understanding of who I was – in need of a relationship with God, but separated. I had a clear understanding of who Jesus is – my Savior. I also remember knowing that I was entering a relationship with God, and that meant living in a way that pleased Him. Having all of those truths come together in my mind made me want to follow Jesus.


Minute 3 – What life has been like since trusting Christ:

It has not been a life free from suffering or sin. I am still fallen and living in a fallen world. But being in a relationship with the Lord gives me hope. I live with the hope that the Lord will not abandon me in my sufferings and will not abandon me in my sin. I live with a growing awareness of God’s love and grace at work in my life. I live with the joy of knowing the Lord better. 



How to pray for FBC
Pray for our college ministry this week. We have several students who are new to the area. Pray for their ability to build friendships and to feel at home in Longview. Pray that they will grow in the Lord during this semester.

I know at least one student who is praying about where the money for next semester will come from. Pray for her and the other students in this situation.


How to pray for our Community
Pray for an opportunity to share your three-minute testimony this week.


 How to pray for our World

I read a newsletter today from a missionary Ann and I support. He shared one of the challenges faced by missionaries in countries where Christian ministry is illegal is the lack of resources available to them. FBC supports multiple people working in similar environments. Take time this week to pray for the Lord to provide the finances and study & ministry materials they need to carry out their work.