Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


I continue to mull over Adam’s question about how I use the power I have. Do I use it to bless others or build up myself? Do I use it to point people to the Lord or attract attention to me? Honestly, my answers are mixed. Power comes in many forms. A hurtful word to the wrong person at the wrong time can be a damaging use of power. So can a negative comment about someone else. We exercise power in ways we don’t think about it. I am asking the Lord to make me more aware of where I have power and how I use it.


How to pray for FBC 

Women’s Ministry Rest and Refuel is this weekend. Pray that the women are encouraged by the speaker, make great connections with one another, and have the chance to rest and refuel.

How to Pray for Our Community

National Night Out took place Tuesday night. I strongly believe that the most effective evangelism happens through relationships. Pray for the relationships started or furthered this week in our neighborhoods. Pray that FBCers will nurture those relationships so the gospel can be seen and spoken.

 How to pray for our World

Many FBCers have volunteered with 8 Days of Hope over the past several years. Eight Days make God’s love tangible to victims of natural disasters by helping families rebuild their homes. FBC’s David Fisher is one of that ministry’s key leaders. David heads to Houston this weekend (yes, there is still extensive work to be done there). At the same time, he is providing long-distance leadership for work in North Carolina. David is a reminder of the loss people continue to feel long after their disaster leaves the news. Please pray for 8 Days of Hope and their support to families who continue to suffer from terrible tragedies. Pray for the recovery of their homes. Pray that they meet the Lord.