Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone



Todd Malone

What do you believe is the basis of unity in the church? Not what you say you believe – think about what you actually believe. What you believe is seen in who you will and will not spend time with and how you talk about one another. Do you notice certain patterns? Are there people who have certain political beliefs or social practices or ethnic backgrounds that you just can’t bring yourself to be around? Paul reminds us that our unity is grounded in the one gospel and the one Lord who pursued all of us.



How to pray for FBC

Giving has definitely improved since the church has made it a matter of prayer. We still need to make hard decisions about the budget for 2020. Please pray for wisdom as these decisions are made and implemented.


How to pray for our Community

I just received an email from a pastor at another church in town who plans to visit this coming Sunday. His only reason is to show his and his church’s support for FBC. This is not the first time pastors from other churches visited to show support. FBC pastors have visited other churches for the same purpose. Last Sunday’s passage reminded me of the importance of unity between churches. Let’s pray for unity between churches in East Texas.


How to pray for our World

I hope you had the chance to meet MAF missionaries Brad and Rebecca Hopkins when they were in town last weekend. The Hopkins specifically asked us to pray for the Banjar people of Indonesia. This is an unreached people group near the Hopkins’ former base. As I understand it, the Banjar are mostly Muslim, with very few Christian missionaries reaching this community. Pray for these missionaries to be fruitful. Pray for God to make the gospel known to the Banjar people.