Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018



I received this message today from an FBCer who recently suffered a miscarriage. She gave me permission to share her message, but prefers to remain anonymous. I cannot offer a better reflection on the sermon than her last paragraph….

Yesterday I cried my eyes out. I found out a coworker is pregnant and is as far along as I would been if I didn’t have a miscarriage. Oh the tears and fears and depression came flooding in all evening. My heart aches for my loss. It hurts, really hurts. But in the midst of my wallowing I can feel God’s presence. I know I need to be a witness. I need to be strong. I need to show love.

She doesn’t know I had a miscarriage. No one at work did except my bosses. So of course she doesn’t know where my tears are coming from. She’s been happily married for one year and now pregnant. I’ve been happily married 8 years but struggling to have children the whole time. But I still need to be a witness. I still need to show love. Because that’s what it means to be a Christian. Love.

We just had a sermon on love and it was a wonderful reminder. Yes at the moment of my depressing storm, I had a breakdown. It’s to be expected for those of us who go through this heartache. But it will be a stepping stone. Each day I will get better. Each day I will feel more at peace. And one day when I share with the world my deepest struggles, I want them to be surprised and awed and see that it was God alone who healed me, loved me and showed me how to love others.

So today as I go about loving: I will not resent her pregnancy, I will be patient for my time and patient as she is excited during her time right now. I will be kind and sensitive during her pregnancy needs. I will be content in my momentary barrenness and I will thank God for His blessing upon others. I will show grace and mercy just like God has shown me and I will continue to hope for my future without crushing my coworkers present. Because what matters most is God. His love. And being a witness for all those who see.


This coming Sunday, January 13, we will have a commissioning service for Rebecca Simcox, Kids’ Ministry Director, and Jordan Johnson, Youth Coordinator. 1st through 6th Graders will join us in the 10:30 Worship Service for this special event.


How to pray for FBC

I suspect that we have no idea how many FBC women can relate to the message above. Let’s take a moment out of our day and pray for the women we know and do not know who are suffering such loss. Let’s pray that FBC will be a church that loves them well.

How to pray for our Community

Sunday’s message on love affects more than our relationships within FBC. It equally applies to our relationships with believers at other churches. Let’s pray that our community will see Christians and churches relating to one another in a way that draws them to the Lord.


How to pray for our World

FBC’s Missions Weekend (WOW – World Outreach Weekend) is just a few weeks away. Missionaries will travel from all over to share with us who God is at work. Please start now to pray for their travel preparations and safety.