Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


I like the terminology of “Collecting Fingerprints.” Fingerprints are the marks of God’s work in our lives. We need to pay attention to how God is working in us; how He is caring for us, growing us, and shaping us. Fingerprints are not always easy to see. We need to pay attention. Collecting fingerprints keeps us encouraged during the times when fingerprints seem absent.

Robin sent me an outline of his message. You can find it by following the link: When Plans Go Awry


How to pray for FBC

Our focus in 2019 will be our relationships with one another. That is not as inward-focused as it sounds. Our relationships are supposed to be the main way the world knows that we are Jesus’ disciples. Pray that our relationships are so Christ-like is that they will draw people to Jesus.


How to pray for our Community

New Year’s celebrations are about hope. We look forward to the New Year, certain it will be better than the year we looked forward to 12 months ago. We hope that flipping the calendar hits a reset button on life. There is a reset button, but it is found in a life with Christ, not the turn of the calendar. Pray for the opportunity to share the true source of hope this January.


How to pray for our World

Let’s pray for our missionaries to have a wonderful year. Pray for their safety, their finances, and fruitful ministries.