Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018



I read a statement yesterday that reminded me of the sermon’s application. It was about how self-sufficient we are. We can usually afford our basic necessities, and sometimes even a little more. We are usually at least competent at our jobs, and maybe better. We are capable people.

Unfortunately, our abilities mask a truth. For all our accomplishments, we are dependent. We must trust the Lord for meeting our needs. The line between hard work, a paycheck, and food on the table is not as straight as we assume. Ask anyone who was blindsided by a lay-off.

I am trying to remember to pray each day that the Lord will help me be more aware of how much I depend on Him, and then to trust Him more. 


How to pray for FBC

The same prayer applies to the church. One of the worst things that can happen to a church is for its leadership (which includes teachers, nursery workers, etc) to become confident in its skills, experience, knowledge, and wisdom. They are gifts from God that we use to minister wisely, but skills, experience, knowledge, and wisdom are not replacements for God. Pray this week that FBC will be filled with people who depend on God, not themselves, for their ministry,

How to pray for our Community

I was in today’s newspaper that a prayer vigil is scheduled for Lauren Thompson, a Carthage woman who has been missing for several days. I do not know Lauren or anything about her. But I believe that functioning as the body of Christ in our community includes praying for those in crisis, even if we do not know them. I cannot imagine her family’s fear, but I will pray for the Lord to protect Lauren and comfort her family.


How to pray for our World

I feel for the government workers who are left without paychecks during the shutdown. Many of them must continue working without pay, which must be frustrating. It didn’t occur to me until this week to pray that the Lord’s care and trustworthiness will be made known to them. How amazing if one person who didn’t know the Lord when the shutdown started would come to know Him because of His provision.