Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Is it cruel to do a vacation reflection instead of a sermon reflection? Is it worse if I tell you that I’m at the Oregon coast watching waves while I write this? If so, I’m sorry. A little.

My hotel room looks out at Haystack Rock. It is a 235-foot “sea stack,” which I think means a giant rock sticking up from the ocean floor. Locals claim it is the third largest such structure in the world, but nobody seems to know if this is true or even what structures are first and second. Regardless, it’s an impressive rock.

Rain, wind and waves are beating against this rock, but it is not going anywhere. No doubt the elements will change its shape a little, but it will always be recognizable as Haystack Rock. That is not a bad image for how I want my life as a Christian. I want to be stable, unmovably faithful. There is no question that I will be shaped to some degree by the struggles of life, but I want to be recognizable as a child of God.

Todd Malone

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    How to pray for FBC

    That seems like a good way to pray for our church. We will be shaped by the joys and hardships of the world around us, but may we never be moved from being a church built by and faithful to Jesus.


    How to pray for our Community

    I found out this week that two other local churches will study Romans this year. We comprise three of the larger churches in town. This was not coordinated by us. God must be up to something in Longview that He is focusing so many Christians on the powerful message of Romans. Pray that Christians are transformed, and non-Christians are reached by God’s work this year.

    How to pray for our World

    One advantage of traveling is connecting with other Christians and other churches. I will visit my home church next Sunday. I am reminded to pray for their ministry. Take time this week to pray for a church that has been an important part of your life.