Important Update About Covid-19 at Fellowship

If you’ve ever gone on a mission trip, you know that rule number one is to stay flexible. An hour into the trip, you’re already on Plan G. That’s just the way things go when you enter the unfamiliar. COVID has transported us to a strange, foreign land – flexibility required.

Over the past ten days, enough FBCers have tested positive that it is time for flexibility. The positive tests included some older people who are very high-risk. FBC’s Executive Team (Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Elder and Deacon Boards, Lead Pastor, and Executive Pastor) met with Dr. Walgama and Jason Fletcher online to discuss the best way to protect our people.

The new plan is to hold online-only Sunday morning services for July 19 and July 26. We will not have Kids Ministry or Youth Ministry activities for the rest of July. Sadly, that means canceling VBS. Small Groups are encouraged to take a break or meet online. If a Small Group wishes to continue meeting in person, please meet outside, maintain social distancing, and wear masks. This advice for Small Groups was the strong counsel from Dr. Walgama and Jason Fletcher, supported by the Executive Committee. The staff will work from home. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything. Stay in contact and let us know how you are doing.

I prefer that my plans not change, especially if it involves canceling events that are important to me. As you process this information, please consider the well-being of at-risk FBCers. It is likely that the high-risk FBCers who are COVID-positive caught it at FBC. It was the only time they’d been out of their house for several weeks. The stakes are very high for some people. This change of plans is a small sacrifice to protect the people we love.

Prayer is always our most important and powerful response to life in a fallen world. Please take time today to pray for all those who tested positive. Pray for the health of those who are at high risk. Pray for those who worked so hard on VBS and other ministries and are feeling discouraged. Pray for the children who would be at VBS next week. God can and will still reach them. Pray for unity in the church.

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