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Here is your Fellowship Focus Newsletter for March. Check out the ministry updates and events that will be happening this month. There is something for everyone!


Which do you like to hear first: the good news or the bad news? Personally, I prefer to just skip the bad news and go straight to the good news. I am not sure what it is about me (maybe all of us) that makes me operate that way. I guess it is because I don’t want the bad news to be true and not knowing lets me live like it’s not true.

First the Bad News

It was that way with my Type 2 Diabetes. I knew it was coming – it’s all over both sides of my family. I’m as genetically predispositioned to it as a dog is to eating chicken nuggets; it was going to happen. But there was a time when I preferred to live with the symptoms of it rather than know the cause. The cause was too much to handle. I would find a way to live with the discomfort. The problem with that strategy was that the symptoms got worse and harder to live with. Eventually I had to hear what I didn’t want to hear: the bad news that I am a diabetic.

Sometimes the Bad New Becomes Good News

But in that moment of acknowledgement, the bad news became good news. Not that being a diabetic is good news. Maybe it’s better to say that the bad news was wrapped up in good news. It was wrapped in the good news of: “We know what the problem is.” It was wrapped in the good news of: “There is a way to deal with this.” Yes, there would be life changes, new ways of thinking, new choices to make. But the Diabetes does not need to overcome me. I do not have to live with the symptoms.

The Bad News / Good News in Romans

And that is why Romans starts with the Bad News. It’s bad news that we desperately fight to deny. We say we know we are sinners, but we don’t acknowledge the ugliness of our sin at our deepest levels; just like I did not want to acknowledge at a deep, life-changing level that I was diabetic until the doctor said it out loud. But you cannot truly get to the good news until you accept the bad news at a deep level. Our sins are horrible, ugly, destructive to people around us and our own souls. There is no excuse for them. There is nothing that makes one sin “not so bad.” You and I are morally and spiritually wretched. That is the true bad news. It is exactly where Paul starts Romans so he can wrap it in the Good News.

Once we acknowledge that the bad is true, we hear the message that there is a way to deal with it. We do not have to live overcome by the symptoms of our wretchedness. This is why the gospel is just as important for Christians as non-Christians. The good news is not just about being saved when we die, it is about being saved while we live.

Try embracing your wretchedness. Own that your gossip, deceit, greed, arrogance, condescension, pettiness, out of control anger, or whatever your core issues, are every bit as bad and ugly as Paul says in Romans 1-3. Then watch Paul turn a corner and wrap that bad news in the gospel.

–Todd Malone

Coming Events


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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Life Group

Don’t miss this powerful 8-week journey with Adam & Ashley McMahen starting March 22 that will forever change the way you love God, yourself, and others by signing up today right HERE.

Learn to slow down and grow a deep relationship with Jesus! In the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course, you will explore 8 biblical themes that will move you to be profoundly changed by Jesus and have a powerful, long-term impact on the world around you.

  • When: Starting Sunday, March 22
  • Where: Room 118 of the Adult Education Building
  • Cost: $25.00 for materials.
  • Contact: Adam McMahen at adamm@longviewfbc.com or (903) 265-8085 with any questions
  • Sign up HERE.

Baptism Celebration | Sunday April 5

The next baptism at Fellowship will take place on Sunday, April 5 (Palm Sunday) at the end of the worship service. Baptism is a great “next step” to take in showing your love for Jesus and your faith in Him to the world. We would love to talk with you about taking that step!

To participate, sign up  HERE.  If you prefer, there are also paper baptism cards at the desks in the Worship Center and TreeHouse foyers. After we receive your form, we will contact you to set up an interview with one of the pastoral staff.

Deadline to sign up for this baptism date is Sunday, March 22.


The Carter Blood Mobile will be in the parking lot Sunday, March 15, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Eat a good breakfast that day, bring your picture ID, and come ready to give the gift of a blood donation to bless our community.

You may visit the Blood Mobile at any time during the morning to donate.

Church Workday

Join the deacons for coffee and donuts at 8:00 am on Saturday, March 21, and then help us as we spruce up the Fellowship Campus for Spring!

Here is a list of tasks that we would like to complete.

  1. Trim Crepe Myrtles (8+ people with clippers and ladders,etc.)
  2. Wash and clean Church Buses and Vans (8+ teens? or more)
  3. Pull up metal fence posts from around old playground – would need a tractor
  4. General cleanup (4+ people)
  5. Spray weed killer (1 person)
  6. Clean stained chairs in WC (1-2 person with cleaner) *Note
  7. Clean carpet stains in WC (1-2 person with cleaner)
  8. Scrape/Sand and Prep EC doors and door frames – (4+ people)
  9. Paint EC doors & door frames (Oil-based paint) – skilled painters needed

You can sign up HERE.

Contact Dan Roessner for more information. 



Dinner for $1 – Pray and Play

March 21 – 5:00 -9:30 pm in the Gym

All the men at FBC are invited to  join us for Dinner and a time of  Fellowship & Prayer.
Saturday, March 21st, from 5-9:30 PM in the Adult Education Center Gym/Multipurpose room.

We will meet in the gym for a meal, a time of prayer, and then a time of games and conversation afterward. 

This will be a great opportunity to get to get connected. Mark your calendar and plan to be there!

Bring a Dollar for Dinner and a game to play.

Contact Dan Roessener or John Livingston for more information.



Saturday, April 4 – Family Easter Celebration | Rise Up with Jesus!

  • 10:00 am – Noon @ the TreeHouse
  • Free event for families that includes interactive program and Easter egg hunt
  • Connection Café offers reasonably priced lunch items
  • Sign up at http://bit.ly/FBC-Family-Easter

Sunday, April 5 – Palm Sunday | Baptism Celebration
We will celebrate by witnessing several baptisms and will rejoice  together afterwards.

The deadline to sign up for baptism is March 22.

Friday, April 10 – Good Friday

Join us at 7:00 pm for our Good Friday Service. This is a solemn, sacred time as we remember the final hours of Christ’s life before the Cross.

Sunday, April 12

Sunrise Service – 7:00 am | South Parking Lot
Join us on the parking lot near the Fire Station as we celebrate the Resurrection together as the sun rises! All children will join us for this special service. Folding chairs will be set up, but you are welcome to bring lawn chairs.

Easter Family Breakfast – 8:00 am | Adult Education Center Gym/Multipurpose Room
Bring your favorite Easter Breakfast foods and let’s break bread together!

Easter Worship Service – 9:00 am in the Worship Center Auditorium
Join us for our Easter Worship Service as we rejoice in the Good News of the Resurrected Jesus!


Kids’ Ministry News

Family Easter Celebration  | Rise Up with Jesus

FBC’s Kids Ministry
will host a Rise Up With Jesus Easter event for families on Saturday, April 4th from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

During this 2 hour interactive program, kids and grown-ups alike will experience loads of memorable Easter fun and excitement—all while they discover the true events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. There will be a map to follow and discover the  people who interacted with Jesus and listen to their stories about Him! We will have an Easter Egg Hunt along with a concession type café that will serve food for at reasonable cost from 11:00-Noon. This is a great event to invite your neighbors, friends and family to join.

Sign up HERE!

Event is Free but we will have a concession/café with lunch items for sale

Help Needed!! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

We also would love your help on any of these levels:

  • provide nut-free candy for the event
  • collect empty egg cartons for one of the activities
  • help with the set-up team/ clean-up team
  • serve in the café
  • be a guest connector – welcoming guests to join us on Sundays and share the gospel with them

Get all the 411 about this event at the display at the Community Life Desk each Sunday morning, You can also check out our Facebook event, or contact Rebecca Simcox at 903-663-9591 or rebeccas@longviewfbc.com for more information.

Club 456 is for all 4th-6th graders. It is a preteen evening full of devotionals, fun, games, and digging into God’s word. club meets once a month on the first Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 pm. Contact Jean Fletcher for more information.

Awana in March!

We have some awesome THEME NIGHTS planned for the month of February.

  • March 1 – Fashion DISASTER Night
  • March 15 – Regular Club Night
  • March 22 – Star Wars Night – dress as you favorite character from Star Wars
  • March 29 – Regular Club Night

Awana Bible Club is for kids ages 2years – 6th grade. We meet every Sunday evening from 5:oopm – 6:45pm. Come join the fun!

Contact Bret Freeman for more information.