Loving One Another: Hard Conversations

Todd Malone

Our 2019 theme is, “All Will Know.” It is taken from John 13:35: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Our love for one another is indispensable in seeing the people around us drawn to Jesus.  Sometimes we fail to love one another well. I hurt someone in the church this past week that I had no intention of hurting. The lack of wrong motives didn’t change the fact that my offense was real.

This brother in Christ came to me in tears. I was so disconnected with the offense, that I was caught off guard – it simply never occurred to me that what I had done (or not done, as the case here) was an issue. I thought I was giving the space someone wanted when they really wanted and needed my presence. Once I saw the situation through his eyes, there was no question that I was wrong and should have known better. No excuses. I am so grateful that this brother embraced me with tearful forgiveness.

 There were easier ways out for this FBCer. He could have said, “no big deal,” and left it alone. He could have decided it was a big deal and left the church, not saying a word. The hard thing to do was to risk my rejection, to risk that I would get angry and argue.

He risked that I would create more pain. But by taking the risk, he loved me well. I was made aware of the offense, so I could take the steps I needed toward loving him well. I was made aware of a mistake so I can avoid it in the future. I will be a better follower of Jesus because of the risk this person took.

This FBCer took seriously that he had a role to play in my becoming more like Jesus. I am so grateful that he did. It was a hard conversation for me to hear. But the Lord knew I needed to hear it. The Lord entrusted a hard message to a faithful servant. I am so glad He did.



Parent Involvement 

One of the Kids’ Ministry Visions for 2019 is to partner with you, the parents! One way we sek to span the gap is to have YOU volunteer in the Kids’ Ministry once a semester!

On Sunday mornings we will have sign up sheets at each classroom and at the Welcome Desk in the TreeHouse. All you have to tell us is which date works for you and we will plug you into the classrooms!


Preschool Playscape Playtime

March 18 | 10:00am -Noon

This is a time for our preschoolers (ages 3-Kindergarten only) to come play in the playscape. Parent supervision is required! It will be a come and go event so you do not have to stay the entire time.


Kids’ Ministry Volunteer Dessert & Discussion: Part 2

Saturday, March 23 | 6:30 – 8:00 pm| Church Offices Room 201

Training for all Kids’ Ministry volunteers (teachers, helpers, nursery, all)


SAVE THE DATE: Family Easter Celebration

April 13 | 10:00am – Noon | FBC Campus
All are welcome to FBC’s Family Easter Celebration to look into Christ’s life and to celebrate His resurrection.


Awana in March

March 3   Fashion Disaster Night
March 10  Spring Break – NO CLUB
March 17  Regular Club Night
March 24 Space Alien Night
March 31 Regular Club Night

Cross Cultural Mission Opportunity – Right Here at Home!
GLO Homestay Informational Meeting

We are looking forward to partnering with Bring Me Hope to host Chinese families in FBC homes July 13-27. You can sign up at the Outreach Desk in the foyer on Sundays.

Come to one of the informational meetings and find out how you can serve as a host family, a driver, or a helper at our GLO Homestay event.

We have two information meetings planned; pick the date that works for you.
The dates are: Sunday, March 10th or Monday, March 25th, at 5:00 PM in Room 201 of the Administration Building. Come join the Lord as He ministers to these Chinese families! Contact Christy Myers myers97470@yahoo.com.


Daylight Savings time will begin Sunday, March 10. Don’t forget to move your clocks FORWARD one hour on Saturday night. You don’t want to miss out!