June 2018 – Behold Your God

Todd Malone

“Your God is Too Small.” That is the fantastic title to a classic book on God’s nature. The point of the book is that our understanding of God is insufficient. We think far less of Him than who he is.  It is as true today as when the book was first published in 1952. Combine all of our best thoughts about who God is and what He does, and they are not even close to reality. The Summer series will take that on. It’s impossible for limited, fallen creatures to understand an infinite, perfect Creator. Fortunately, the Creator has told us a great deal about himself in Scripture. We will explore what He has revealed about His character and His work – who He is and what He does. Don’t worry that this will all be academic, impractical lectures. The idea is to show how a growing knowledge of God changes our lives. Our goal will be for you to leave every service amazed at how great God is. And, having been amazed by Him, you will think, relate, and act differently. I believe that is what happens the better we see our God. Behold, Your God! We will not see Him fully. But we will begin to understand the ways that He is beyond our understanding. And we will love Him more.

NEW: Theology Life Group | Starts June 3

Survey of Bible Doctrine (based on book by Dr. Charles Ryrie) 13 week overview of key theological themes. You will be equipped to confidently discuss your beliefs with Christ followers and yet-to-become followers. Taught by Jim Kohn. Sign up on THE HUB (longviewfbc.info) Class notes provided, indicate on registration form if you would like to purchase a book. For more information, email jimkohn@sbcglobal.net.

Congregational Meeting | June 10

There will be a congregational meeting in the Worship Center Auditorium on Sunday, June 10 at 4:00pm. You are encouraged to attend to be kept up to date on church business and ministry matters.


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Starting Sunday, June 3, 1st – 6th graders will join their families for the 10:30 Worship Service. Kid-friendly sermon notes will be available at the Faith@Home desk in the foyer.

Kids’ Life Group classes will meet as usual at 9:00am throughout the summer.