July 2018: Serving Our Community

Todd Malone

The 21:5 projects are coming back at the end of July, maybe the beginning of August. We launched 21:5 last year. The name comes from Revelation 21:5: “And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’” We want to give East Texas a picture of what it looks like when the Lord makes things new. Our goal will be to accomplish 21 projects over a five-week period. Each project will touch a segment of our community that has specific needs. We will carry over several of the projects from last year, but we will also add some new ones. We look forward to serving children in need, victims of domestic violence, widows and orphans, the homeless, and our neighbors. Please pray for Steve Vance and I as we work with local organizations to finalize the projects. David Fisher will also lead us in putting together projects for widows and orphans and others in need. Our prayer for 2017 was to get our toe in the water, which we did. We want to go beyond that in 2018. We are asking the organizations we are partnering with to identify on-going work we can do with them. We look forward to launching projects at the end of the summer and continuing that work into the fall. Pray for those organizations to identify effective means to support them beyond the summer. We want to give East Texas tangible pictures of the character of God in action. We hope the 21:5 projects will be an annual means of reminding us of how important this is. But the most effective work we will do will be on an individual basis. Pray for opportunities to show your own neighborhood what the character of God looks like in action.


The next baptismal service is scheduled for Sunday, July 29. If you or your children are ready to be baptized, contact the church office  (903-663-6591) or sign up at the Hub to schedule an interview with a pastor by Thursday, July 19. Sign up online or in the foyer at THE HUB (longviewfbc.info)

Fellowship’s Mission Committee is looking for people with a passion for seeing the Good News shared here and around the world. Would you like to be part of that endeavor? Join us on the Missions Committee! We are looking for people to help us serve our missionaries overseas and in the U.S. Contact Missions Director Steven Vance at vancesteven@hotmail.com for more information.

Fellowship Women — Dessert  & Game Night

Let’s get together! We will introduce the facilitating board, some different ideas, eat some dessert & play some games & get to know each other. Very casual, very laid back so introverts & extroverts will both feel comfortable! So bring a dessert to share & some games & we’ll see you there! Oh & the most important thing…pray over this ministry!

Baby Shower

Fellowship ladies, you are invited and encouraged to join us Sunday, July 1 at 2:00pm to celebrate the arrival of Jeremy and Lauren Gibson’s new baby, Clayton. It will be in the Adult Education Building in Room 121 (the double classroom at the end of the South Hall). Your presence is the only gift needed, but should you like to bring a baby gift, the Gibsons are registered at Target and Amazon. Clayton will not need newborn sizes, but sizes beyond that would be welcomed and received with joy! This is an excellent opportunity to get to know Lauren and to celebrate their welcoming Clayton into their family.

KIDS’ MINISTRY ON THE ROAD AGAIN…July 9-13 | 5:30 – 8:00pm

We will be taking a team of volunteers to help serve supper and lead Bible School at La Familia de Dios again this year. Fellowship kids who would like to attend and help to lead the worship are also welcome. To volunteer, contact Ginny DeBoer at ginnyd@longviewfbc.com.


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Thank You!

Dear Fellowship Bible Church,  Thank you so much for the joy that arrived in the form of a magnificent, manly bouquet of soft drinks, chips, cookies and candy bars. Such a wonderful reminder of your love and concern for me, and I know it also represents your many prayers for my swift recovery. The Lord has been most gracious, I haven’t needed any pain medication at all, but full recovery will take the required 6 weeks, so I will be ‘slinging it” for a few more weeks. Most Thankfully, Ken Moore FBC Thank you so much for the goody basket. It was truly enjoyed. Thumb and first finger on right hand are still numb. But hands do not hurt! God is so good. Thanks so much. Love all of you. Wyn Harvey Dear FBC Family, Donny and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent to the hospital while I was there. They brightened up my room so much. I can not begin to tell you how much you all mean to us. You are our family and we love you all. Visits from Jim and Todd were the ‘cherry on top”. Thank you again for the flowers. Love, Donny and Cindy Westbrook Dear Fellowship Bible Church Community, I want to say thank you. You were a significant part of me being successful this past year and your support has not only been generous, but it has encouraged me. You helped me through one of the toughest times of my life and I am grateful that God brought you all into my life. May God continue to bless you all and prosper your ministries. I will never forget you and I will continue to show my support. From Deborah Osomo