Fellowship Focus                                  April 2018

Experiencing the Psalms

Todd Malone

FBC is going to read the Psalms together. We will start the second week in April and go for eight weeks. This will be a powerful study of the hymnbook of the Bible.

Jesus quoted the Psalms more than any other Old Testament book (11 times). The Psalms give voice to what we feel and experience. God gave the words to give back to Him, no matter what we face. God gave us the words when we rejoice, grieve, are angry, or confused. He gave us the words for thanksgiving and fear.

Our eight-week study will explore a wide range of emotions and life-situations found in the Psalms. We are familiar with Psalms of praise and thanksgiving. We will also study Wisdom psalms, that teach us how to live well. We will study laments, which give words to our grief and call for God’s support. We will even look at a Psalm that calls for God to deal harshly with people.

Reading through all of the Psalms will give you an appreciation for the broad scope of emotions God invites us to express to Him. Some people prefer to slow down and linger with a Psalm. We will give you a study guide that will help you approach the Psalms whichever way you prefer.

I am looking forward to sharing this time together as a church.


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Join us Sunday, April 22 for FBC’s family Barbecue for our whole family of faith right after the Worship Service.

We’ll provide the entree and drinks. You bring a yummy dessert, and we’ll all have a great time!
There will be games for all ages indoors and out.

RSVP at: http://bit.ly/FBCFamilyBBQ2018 or by emailing kathys@longviewfbc.com. 

Fellowship’s Family BBQ!

Faith@Home Center

Are you . . . .

  • Single, and seeking God’s will for your life?
  • Married, and desiring to build a life-long, thriving marriage?
  • Parents, and concerned about how to transmit faith to your children so they’ll follow the Lord when they leave home?
  • Grandparents, wondering how to have an impact on your family’s spiritual life?

To assist with the questions and situations life presents, FBC is launching the Faith@Home Center in the foyer of the Worship Center. Located beside the nursery doors, the Center will be filled with resources, books and practical tools, and staffed with helpful volunteers. It will be a place where all of us can take the next steps in our own spiritual lives, and develop strategies to build strong families. Hope to see you there on Sunday, April 8.

Awana In April

Awana is rushing into Spring with many activities and preparations for the end of our Awana year.

We start off the month with NO CLUB on Easter Sunday. We want all our clubbers and leaders to celebrate the resurrected Christ with family and friends on April 1st.

  • April 8th will be NERD NIGHT with everyone dressing as nerdy as possible for club.
  • April 14th will be the SPARKS TRIP to Kid Mania in Dallas for those clubbers who will finish their hand book this year.
  • April 21st will be the T&T TRIP to the Dallas Zoo for those who are finishing their handbooks this year.
  • April 22nd will be WET WILD AND WACKY for Sparks and T&T, and CUBBIES REGATTA for the younger clubbers.

Busy month but don’t forget to pray for our leaders and clubbers as we push towards our End of Year Ceremony on May 6th.

Longview Interfaith Hospitality Network Fundraiser

Our ministry partner, LIHN, cordially invites you to attend the
HOME AGAIN GALA – An Evening in Black and White

  • This fundraising event will take place Friday, April 6, at 6:00pm
  • The location is Apline Church of Christ Family Life Center (610 E. Loop 281)
  • Formal attire is NOT required. Tickets are $50 each.
  • Contact Patti Coleman at pcoleman@veopoint.com for more information.

With Thanks

Dear Fellowship Family Friends,
Lee and I want to thank you guys for all the love and prayers you all supported us with this winter as we made several trips to MN to visit my mother in Hospice. We especially appreciated your prayers, cards and gifts during the difficult month of February as I (Laurinda) stayed up there to care for my mother before her passing, and as Lee traveled up later as well for several days at the end. We are so thankful to have a wonderful family of friends here at Fellowship who care for one another in this way!

Blessings in Christ ~ Lee & Laurinda Erickson

Dearest Fellowship Family,
Thank you for your gift of prayer, love and beautiful flowers during this journey of neck pain and surgery healing. Oh how much sweeter and deeper is my life because of you! To Him be the glory of us all!

Love, Rai Machin