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Church Work Day

Church Work Day  — 8:00 am — Noon

A day dedicated to sprucing up the church campus for Easter.

Here is a list of tasks that we would like to complete.

  1. Trim Crepe Myrtles (8+ people with clippers and ladders,etc.)
  2. Wash and clean Church Buses and Vans (8+ teens? or more)
  3. Pull up metal fence posts from around old playground – would need a tractor
  4. General cleanup (4+ people)
  5. Spray weed killer (1 person)
  6. Clean stained chairs in WC (1-2 person with cleaner) *Note
  7. Clean carpet stains in WC (1-2 person with cleaner) *Note
  8. Scrape/Sand and Prep EC doors and door frames – (4+ people)
  9. Paint EC doors & door frames (Oil-based paint) – skilled painters needed

*need to look into possibly renting more equipment for cleaning chairs and carpet

Men's Dinner for $1 | Pray & Play

Men’s Dinner for a Dollar Fellowship

Men – join us in the FBC Adult Education Gym/Multipurpose Room
for Fellowship & Prayer March 21st 5-9:30 pm.
Bring a Dollar for Dinner and a game to play after.

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