Event Details

Church Work Day
October 17, 2020. All day

Church Workday – Oct 17th 8:00 am

  1. Trim Crepe Myrtles (4+ people with clippers and ladders, etc.)
  2. Wash and clean church buses and vans (8+ teens? or more)
  3. General cleanup (4+ people)
  4. Rebuild flowerbeds and mulch (4+people)
  5. Clean stained chairs in WC (1-2 person with cleaner)
  6. Clean carpet stains in WC (1-2 person with cleaner)
  7. Scrape/sand and prep EC doors and door frames – (4+ people)
  8. Paint EC doors & door frames (Oil-based paint) – skilled painters
  9. Cut down dead Sweetgum tree & haul off brush (2-4 people)
  10. Trim Larger shrubs & smaller shrubs that need it
  11. Check/clear gutters
  12. Clean all external windows
  13. Clean grease trays in Adult Education Center kitchen vent hood
  14. Apply oil based sealer to deck by portable buildings -(2 people)

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