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Why does the fact that God is a Trinity matter? It seems irrelevant to daily life. Preparing for this sermon blew me away with the thought that God is drawing me into the love shared by each member of the Trinity. God’s love, including His love for me, is grounded in His very being. God wants me to know the love that exists between Father, Son, and Spirit. For those who are interested: The book I recommended at the end of the sermon is Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves.


How to pray for FBC
A new school year means that our Youth Ministry kicks into high gear. Please pray that the Lord brings just the right leaders into the lives of our youth. Pray that our youth would grow in the Lord this year.

How to pray for our Community
Classes start for many of our area schools this week. Pray for our public and private school teachers, staff and students. Pray that our schools will be safe and that the gospel would find its way throughout the campuses.

How to pray for our World
I have been thinking about the fact that God is Trinity means that His love does not depend on anything outside of Him. God is love because it is a part of the Trinity for all eternity. I have so many people in my life right now who believe that God’s love depends on them – God can’t love them because of the things they have done. I suspect we all know people who struggle with this. I decided to pray this morning for the people our missionaries are reaching. Specifically, I am praying that the holy Spirit will open their eyes to the Father’s unconditional love.


Don’t forget the reception for Jim and Sharie on August 26. It will be from 6:00 – 7:30 in the old sanctuary (room 201 in the office building). There will be a book for you to sign and leave words of love and encouragement. You are also welcome to bring a card, if that is easier for you. The book will be available to sign at church on the 19th in case you are out of town on the 26th.



Chalk Wall Don’t forget about the Chalk Wall. It is in the hallway connecting the Sanctuary to the Adult Center. Sign your name under the projects you are participating in this year. It’s an encouragement to see who is involved.

SIGN UP HERE to participate in one or more of the projects.

Phase one projects have ended, BUT there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved!

LIHN Training: Receive Training to work with our FBC effort to minister to families who find themselves temporarily homeless.
Lots of ways to participate: bring a meal, drive the van to and from the day center, serve as an evening or overnight host, or work at the day center, as well as other ways to participate. Training just takes 1 hour of your time. You only need to come to one of the two remaining training classes; August 19 or 26. 9:00 am, room 118 of the Adult Education Building. 

Highway 80 Rescue Mission: Feeding the Hungry Sign up to help serve a meal to guests at the Highway 80 Rescue Mission. August 25 | NOON | @ Highway 80 Mission 

Other projects include:

  • Widow Care: Clark House – maintenance and repair projects for the home of missionary Christopher Clark’s widowed mother.
  • Montessori School: Uniforms
  • Montessori School: School Supplies
  • BSM Party on the Plaza: Ministry to college students at KJC

Find a project and get involved! Email Steve Vance if you have questions: vancesteven@hotmail.com

New Members

I am going to start highlighting people who join FBC as members. The tradition in Bible churches is to downplay membership. We wanted to avoid an “insiders vs. outsiders” mindset. That is a good desire. However, there is an important aspect to membership. It’s a way that we formalize our commitment to one another. It is a declaration that we will stick with one another, even when we hurt each other or disappoint one another. We are committed to loving, supporting, and encouraging this community of believers.

Of course, you don’t need to be a member to have that commitment. We have lots of FBCers who are passionately committed to this community of believers but aren’t members. It is nice, however, to celebrate when someone takes the step to formally say, “this is my home.”

All of that leads up to welcoming Taylor and Jenny Mobley. They both teach at ETBU. They are clearly passionate about the Lord and eager to love on and serve FBC. We are blessed that they are calling FBC home.

For the many others who have recently become members – I am sorry I didn’t think of this earlier. You are no less valued!