New Trustee
for 2019

Please submit by
October 27th

To: The Members of FBC
From: Todd Malone
Re: New Trustees
Date: 10/13/2019

Our Trustee Board has completed another year of service. It is time again to choose new Trustees
in order to continue the tradition of excellent spiritual leadership here at FBC. We have truly
been blessed for many years with godly men in the leadership of our church. They have consistently
walked with God and have operated out of a deep reservoir of biblical wisdom. They are men who
make decisions not asking, “What do I want?” but rather, “What does the Lord seem to be doing here,
and how can I help accomplish it?” We are glad to present to you a slate of nominees who have the
unanimous support of the Board. Each has met with the Elders to discuss their walk with God and
their desire to serve. The Board chooses candidates:

  1. Who have been members at least one year.
  2. Who are biblically qualified.
  3. Who have demonstrated a servant’s heart.
  4. Who have distinguished themselves by their involvement in ministry here at FBC.
  5. Who have the potential to fulfill a specific role on the Board.

Some of you were not asked to serve. We wish we could include you all, but the result would be
a Board that was too large to function. As always, we would ask you to prayerfully consider
these men and then write your thoughts down for the Board. If any major concerns are raised
through this process, they will be discussed with the person who raised them and then,
if necessary, with the candidate (only with the permission of the one who made the comments).
As always, each form must be signed to be reviewed.

May I add that Matthew 18:15-20 requires us to go to a brother when we have something against
him. It would be biblical and right for you to talk with the candidate before you lodge any
accusation against him on his form.

Please pray through this process and help us by submitting your evaluation forms by
Sunday, October 27, 2019. You may submit them online through the links below.
If using paper forms, you may drop them into one of the boxes in the Worship Center Foyer.

It is a rich privilege to serve the Lord Jesus with you.

Todd Malone (for the Board of Trustees)

Trustee Candidate Biographies

Elder Candidate Form (you must submit a separate form for each candidate)

Deacon Candidate Form (you must submit a separate form for each candidate)

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