Experiencing Jesus, Transforming Lives

Our mission is to see lives transformed. We do this by worshipping together, growing in our knowledge and application of God’s Word, connecting in life-changing relationships, and going on the mission of Jesus.


WORSHIP in the Love of Christ

A disciple worships as Jesus worshipped. Jesus tells us to love the Lord with “all your heart, soul, mind, soul and strength.” This is the essence of worship. We must nurture and deepen our love for the Lord.

GROW in the Character of Christ

A disciple grows in the knowledge of Christ and the Christ-like life. The Bible tells us to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” We need to grow in our knowledge of Christ and the Christ-like life.

CONNECT to the Body of Christ

A disciple connects in life-giving, transforming community with the Body of Christ. The Bible tells us to live in relationships with one another that are characterized by both unity and mutual growth. Our relationships must have love, grace, honesty, and righteousness that allow us to mature as believers while maintaining the unity of the community.

GO on the Mission of Christ

A disciple goes on the mission of Jesus. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. Jesus came to provide a kind of Shalom to the world that is foreign to the world without Him.

For a more extensive treatise on specific aspects of Worship, Grow, Connect, and Go, please see this document entitled OUR CORE VALUES.

There are many ways to join us as we Worship, Grow, Connect, and Go.

  • Sunday services foster corporate worship.
  • Sunday morning Life Groups help us grow in God’s Word.
  • Fellowship’s Small Group ministry builds meaningful relationships.
  • We have numerous opportunities to serve inside and outside the church.

Be sure to check out THE HUB… our Center for Next Steps!