Transforming Ministry

Todd Malone

I love hearing stories about God working through FBC. I heard three today. These stories remind us that the Lord takes our efforts and multiplies their impact.

The first story I heard was about Longview Interfaith Hospitality Network (LIHN). LIHN works with homeless families, allowing them to stay together as they receive support to transition out of homelessness. FBC is one of the area churches that houses the families. One of these families recently graduated from the program. They contacted LIHN leaders to let them know that this is the happiest they have ever been as a family. The Lord is at work in this family.

The second story I heard was about a local widow, who is also a single mom. She lives next door to some FBCers who have built a relationship with her. Over time, they learned about some of her needs. The FBCers contacted David Fisher and the Men’s Ministry, who stepped in and helped. David showed me a note today he received thanking FBC for impacting her life.

David has also been a key part of the teams who are traveling to Houston with 8 Days of Hope. The stories of devastation are overwhelming, but so are the stories of ministry. It’s incredible to hear of churches coming together to serve. Many from FBC and countless other churches have sacrificed time and resources to meet needs. David told the staff that over 100 people came to Christ at one service at one church in the past couple of weeks.

God has a way of bringing something good out of tragedy. It’s a blessing to be in a church with so many people who want to be a part of that process. FBC will continue to make you aware of ways you can minister to people in need. For now, check out the website. It will keep you updated.

Mini Fairs

Our FBC folks will be coordinating with Children’s Director Ginny DeBoer to do Mini Fairs in neighborhoods this October 31. These folks would ask you to join with them in prayer that they might build relationships and impact their neighborhoods with the light of the gospel.

They would also like you to help them by bringing donations of individually wrapped candy (no peanuts or peanut butter) and dropping it off at FBC. We will have containers in each of the four buildings on Sunday mornings (starting October 1) where you may drop your candy contributions. Thanks in advance for helping us reach our neighborhoods for Jesus!


Check here to see the coming events at FBC
Bookmark the link in your web browser for quick access to information regarding dates and times.

Wake Up Wednesday

We have a special time and special program on Oct. 11th for our 60+ folks and anyone else that would be interested. Pastor Richard Jones will be our guest speaker at the next Wake Up Wednesday. He will share his story about his son who went the wrong way, was involved in a murder but has since come to Jesus as he serves a life term in prison. It is a riveting story and many have come to Christ here in East Texas having heard it. You got to bring a friend – especially someone who needs Jesus. 

We will meet at 6:00 pm (not 6:30) and share in a soup supper. Chili, tortilla, baked potato, etc. You can help! A-J should bring a salad and K-Z a desert. As always, we will do some great singing. Join us.


Awana starts off the month of October with “Bring a Real Friend” (BARF) night on the 1st. Clubbers receive extra bucks when they bring a guest to Awana.

Oct 8 is Super Hero Night

Oct 29 is “Awana be a…” Night where clubbers can use their imagination to dress up for club.

Fun, fellowship and God’s word – a great time in Awana!

David (and the Men’s Ministry)
Thank you again so much for heading the crew to fix my front porch. Watching it deteriorate in front of my eyes caused great anxiety when I would pass it. I really tried not to look! Your love, grace and time were appreciated.
Thanks again,
Mindy and Lexy

Psalm 146:9 ” The Lord watches over the fatherless and the widow.”
May you be blessed beyond measure.