Mid-Week Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone

June 6, 2017

Prayer Prompts

Each week we will highlight one of the many ways to pray for the church, our community, and the world (anywhere outside of our immediate community).

How to pray for FBC
Many FBCers will travel this summer. Along with praying for travel safety, let’s pray for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus wherever we go.

FBC faces some financial challenges in 2017. We need to draw from reserves each month to cover our expenses. Please pray that the giving will be enough to cover expenses without going deeper into reserves.

How to pray for our Community
I loved hearing stories on Sunday of how people used the storms as opportunities to show God’s love to people in our community. Join me in praying for the financial protection of the people impacted by the storms. Let’s also pray that people will be drawn to the Lord through these events.

How to pray for our World
This week hundreds of people with 8 Days of Hope converge on Lafayette, LA to assist the many people affected by flooding. A team from FBC will be there. Pray for safety for the workers and effectiveness for the work. Pray that the people cared for will be brought closer to the Lord.

Candle Display

Thank you to Randi and Josh Anderson (and Randi’s dad) for building the amazing display at the front of the church. The purpose of the display is to celebrate faithfulness in sharing the gospel. Light (actually, turn on) a candle each Sunday for each time you have shared the gospel in 2017. This is not to pat ourselves on the back or make anyone feel guilty (or proud). It is to encourage one another. You are not alone in your efforts to bring light into darkness.

Encounters with Jesus Logo

Sermon Reflection

The Encounters with Jesus series is susceptible to a particularly bad way to listen to a sermon. Sometimes we never get beyond thinking about how helpful the sermon will be for someone else (“I hope they are listening,” “This will be really good for that person”). There is nothing wrong with noticing when a sermon will help someone else. The problem is when we stop there. This series will look at how Jesus relates to the hurting, the self-righteous, the broken, etc. This will help us carry out Jesus’ mission to such people. But let’s not forget that we are also hurting, self-righteous, broken, etc.

Close Communion

The summer schedule is allowing us to all worship together in one service, which is a blessing! However, this does create some issues for folks trying to find seats. Please move toward the center of the row when choosing your seats on Sunday, leaving the ends open for those looking for seats. Also, please consider filling in the front rows first, leaving the back rows for guests and those coming in later.
This is also a great time to reconnect with folks who attend another service. Share a conversation over coffee in the foyer, then invite someone to lunch! The relaxed pace of summer is a great time for fellowship.