From Pastor Todd Malone

Sermon Reflection

“Even Barnabas was led astray.” Slade drove those words into my heart on Sunday. Barnabas was Paul’s champion, an early defender of ministry to Gentiles. But even Barnabas temporarily abandoned a grace-based gospel. Grace sounds good, until it humbles me. I want to think that there is something in me that deserves God’s acceptance. I fight that every day, but that thinking will lead me astray. The Lord used last Sunday’s sermon to put me on notice. If even Barnabas can be led astray, it would be nothing for me to be led astray.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Thank you for praying for FBC’s finances. Our giving is starting to keep pace with budget – what a blessing! Please keep praying that the Lord will provide our financial needs. Pray also that FBC will be a good steward of the resources God gives us.

How to pray for our Community

I just had two wonderful conversations with pastors at other churches. Both have a burden for seeing churches work together to reach Longview. Let’s pray for unity between churches. Pray that the Lord works through all of the area churches to reach Longview.

How to pray for our World

I love the hymn, The Solid Rock. “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” The second verse starts, “When darkness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace.” What a great way to pray for those affected by the natural disasters that have hit in the past months (hurricanes, fires on the West Coast). Let’s pray that these people will find the hope that is in Jesus and know his unchanging grace.