Sermon Reflection

I preach the sermons to myself first. By the time you hear them, the Lord has worked me over. Oddly, the issue where the Lord did the most work on me from last week’s passage never made it into the sermon. I thought a lot about the phrase, “the righteous shall live by faith.” How much of my life is characterized by faith? Do I live by faith or just exercise faith at certain times in certain parts of my life?

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

I have heard reports that the Youth Group had a great Fall Retreat last weekend. Let’s pray for lasting impact in the lives of FBC’s youth.

How to pray for our Community

Sunday’s paper featured an article on efforts to address homelessness in Longview. This seems to be a recurring theme and a major concern for our community. Let’s continue to pray for provision for those in need and wisdom for our community leaders trying to address those needs.

How to pray for our World

Las Vegas – another tragedy, but this one was man-made. We should pray for comfort for the families involved and healing for the wounded. It’s also a good idea to pray that the Lord is glorified through this. Maybe there will be people who come to Christ because of this tragedy.