Sermon Reflection

The goal of both the promises of God and the commands of Scripture is to shape us to reflect God’s character. The Lord wants this for us as individuals and FBC as a church. Pray that FBC will reflect God’s character.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

We are in the process of selecting new Trustees. You will receive information about them this week. Pray for wisdom as we work through the final stages of the process. The new Deacon candidates are Eric Akin, Dan Roessner, and Matthew Simcox. The new Elder candidates are Ken Fairweather and Ken Moore.

How to pray for our Community

I shared with someone recently that a challenge of ministering in the Bible Belt is that many people love Christian culture but not Christ, and they don’t know the difference. They might be in church regularly. They might attend Christian functions and listen to Christian music. But they do this more because they want to fit into their culture more than from a love of Jesus. Let’s pray for revival in our churches – that the people who love Christian culture will also fall in love with Jesus.

How to pray for our World

When we hear of tragedies around the world, it is important to think about how this affects God’s mission in the world. Jesus came to seek and save the lost: pray for the lost to come to Christ in the midst of tragedy. God also wants “shalom” – the Old Testament word for flourishing. Tragedy means that people are suffering, not flourishing. Pray that as lives are rebuilt, they will be rebuilt with Christ as the center of their lives.

Trustee Candidate Evaluation

New candidates for the Trustee board are Deacons: Matthew Simcox, Dan Roessner, and Eric Akin, and Elders: Ken Moore and Ken Fairweather.

Members were emailed information to fill out evaluation forms on each of these men. You may also access evaluation forms via The Hub or pick up a packet of forms at the desk in the foyer on Sunday. Evaluations are due back Tuesday October 24th. You may put completed packets in the basket  on the ministry desk or return to the church office.

Reaching Out to your Neighborhood

Once a year, unchurched kids (and their parents) come right to your front door! What a great opportunity to show the world some love!  To assist your family with this, we’ve placed trick-or-treat tracts and treat bags in the Worship Center foyer and the TreeHouse lobby.  Please take as many as you think your family will need to hand out. Then, just add candy as you prepare to greet your neighbors.