July 19, 2017

Pastor Todd Malone


Sermon Reflections

Two people came to Jesus who, on the outside, couldn’t have been more different. One was a religious and community leader, the other was bankrupt and “unclean.” But under the surface they are very similar. Mark gives subtle hints to their connection. For example, the woman’s condition and Jairus’s daughter were both 12 years old. But the most important similarities were their needs for Jesus and their responses of faith. It is easy to think that some people have it together and don’t need Jesus. It’s also tempting to think that someone is too far gone. Jim’s sermon reminds us that neither are true. We all need to come to Jesus in faith and endure in faith. 

Prayer Prompts

How to Pray for FBC 

This is a good week to pray for FBC’s staff. The staff is in high gear preparing for the Fall. Pray for wisdom, resources, endurance. Especially pray that the Lord provides the necessary workers for AWANA and Children’s Ministries. 

How to pray for our Community

The Lord impressed on my heart the prayer request for the world (see below). I couldn’t shake it, so I wrote it first. So I’m sticking with the same theme for our community: let’s pray for revival in East Texas and for the Lord to raise up mature Christians to support the new Christians.  

 How to pray for our World

Did you know that in all likelihood the greatest revival in history is taking place in our lifetime? That is amazing to think about. It’s not happening in the U.S., it’s happening in East Asia. Churches in this part of the world are facing a huge challenge: how do you help so many new believers grow as Christians? Several FBC ministries are stepping in to help. Let’s pray that… (1) the revival continues, (2) God raises mature Christians to help the new Christians, (3) FBC missionaries in this area will be fruitful.