Mid-Week Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone

June 14, 2017

Prayer Prompts

Each week we will highlight one of the many ways to pray for the church, our community, and the world (anywhere outside of our immediate community).

How to pray for FBC
XBA (formerly known as VBS) starts next week. A team is working hard this week to prepare. Ways to pray this week…

  • Pray for efficient and effective preparation
  • Pray that the Lord brings the necessary workers and supplies
  • Pray that the Lord would start working now in the hearts of the children who will attend.

Praise the Lord that our May giving came in only $2,000 below budget. Thank you for your generosity.

How to pray for our Community
Earlier this year, many of us identified two people we want to pray will hear the gospel boldly and clearly proclaimed this year. Let’s take time this week to pray for those individuals.

How to pray for our World
Scott and Theresa Brown on are their way back from the Philippines (actually, they will be back by the time you get this). The Lord protected them in the middle of an ISIS-charged environment and gave them very fruitful ministry. Pray for the pastors and Christians whom they leave behind in a difficult situation. Pray for their safety, their ongoing ministry effectiveness, and their ability to endure.

Candle Display

The purpose of the display is to celebrate faithfulness in sharing the gospel. Light (actually, turn on) a candle each Sunday for each time you have shared the gospel in 2017. This is not to pat ourselves on the back or make anyone feel guilty (or proud). It is to encourage one another. You are not alone in your efforts to bring light into darkness.

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Close Communion

The summer schedule is allowing us to all worship together in one service, which is a blessing! However, this does create some issues for folks trying to find seats. Please move toward the center of the row when choosing your seats on Sunday, leaving the ends open for those looking for seats. Also, please consider filling in the front rows first, leaving the back rows for guests and those coming in later.
This is also a great time to reconnect with folks who attend another service. Share a conversation over coffee in the foyer, then invite someone to lunch! The relaxed pace of summer is a great time for fellowship.