Mid-Week Ministry Updates From Pastor Todd Malone

July 12, 2017

Sermon Reflections

I like finding ways to share the story of how I came to Christ. The Tell Your Story worksheet we made available last Sunday is an excellent tool. Jim developed this as part of his evangelism class. The worksheet will help you communicate your testimony in 15 seconds. If you did not pick up a worksheet, you can download one by following this link.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Our youth are at camp this week. Pray for them to be safe. Let’s pray that they will grow closer to the Lord. Let’s also pray that any non-Christians at camp will come to know Christ.

Also pray for FBC’s finances over the summer. Churches tend to struggle financially in the summer months as people are in and out of town.

How to pray for our Community

I listened to a message this morning that challenged the audience to identify our mission field within our community. As the speaker said it, God has called you to reach someone (a neighborhood, a workplace, the homeless, etc.). The question is whether we can identify that group. It’s an interesting idea. I’m going to pray this week for the Lord to identify who that is for me. I have ideas, but I need to pray about it. I invite you to pray about this yourself.

How to pray for our World

I read two different reports this weak of former ISIS fighters coming to Christ. It reminded me that God still does the impossible. I am going to pray this week for the Lord to do a miraculous work in the places traumatized by groups like ISIS. It might seem impossible to think of many ISIS fighters coming to Jesus, but it’s not impossible for God.