Mid-Week Ministry Update from Pastor Todd Malone

Congregational Meeting

Please attend the congregational meeting this Sunday. We will meet in the sanctuary at 4:00pm.  FBC’s giving has remained flat for several years. Unfortunately, many expenses out of our control continue to increase each year. The Board has developed a plan that will help us avoid bigger problems down the road. We will lay out those plans at the meeting.

Sermon Reflection

Reach out; Point up. The sermon talked about the need to both reach out in compassion and point up to the Lord who is working through us. Sometimes bringing Christ into these conversations can feel awkward. We don’t want people to feel like they are a project or that our help was some sort of “bait and switch.” Pastor Jim taught me something that is very valuable in those moments. Just ask the person if there is any way we can pray for them. Let the Holy Spirit take it from there. If the Holy Spirit opens the door for more conversation, go for it. Either way, continue to build the relationship.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Continue to pray for FBC’s finances. Although we are better off than most churches, we are going into our reserves. Pray for an increase in giving and wisdom to use our resources wisely.

How to pray for our Community

The East Texas economy is a major reason churches in the area are struggling financially. Let’s pray: (1) for the economy to turn around, (2) for churches to benefit from that turn around, (3) for the gospel to penetrate the community as churches gain more resources.

How to pray for our World

We need to keep our financial challenges in perspective: most of the world’s Christians would be thrilled to have a small percentage of FBC’s resources. Let’s pray for churches in the third world to have the resources they need. Let’s also pray for their effectiveness despite limited resources.